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Adjusting to Life Without a Partner

Losing a partner, however it happens, shatters us. We feel like the very earth is moving beneath our feet, that there’s nothing for us to grab onto for support. But imagine there’s a team of caring women to guide you as you take those first steps to create your new life.


Patti is WE50+’s financial expert. She’ll help you take stock of your finances and help you identify what you need to focus on for financial peace of mind.


Monique’s discerning eye for interior design will help you make your space your own. Whether it’s preserving memories or creating new ones, our physical surroundings can inspire and empower us while bringing us security and comfort.


When we can’t find our voice, we can feel powerless. Angie’s empathy and compassion are just two of the tools she uses to help you use your breath, find your voice, and express yourself with confidence.


Patti McGuigan
Financial Planner

"Financially planning for one, after expecting a life with two, can be incredibly challenging. I'm here to help you understand what this means for your cash flow and your financial future. In virtually all financial planning you must first take stock of what you have (own), what you owe (liabilities), and what your current cash flow looks like. We'll discuss why putting a pause on major decisions (like moving house) is best until you know your new base financial situation. And we'll assess your new status so that you can make the most informed financial decisions for best next steps with less stress and more confidence."

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Monique Le Ray
Interior Design Expert

"Comfort has more to do with the way we feel than the way things look. Home is our emotional heartland, our corner of the world, a place to restore our balance, mind and body. Tune into your life force by surrounding yourself with the things that have meaning to you, letting go of what drains you or your space. Editing is key, what you take out is as important as what you bring in."


Angie Gei
Communication Champion

"Life takes us on unexpected journeys. Sometimes we are hit with a curveball that can throw us for a loop. In these challenging transitional times, we also need to advocate for ourselves. We need to be able to find our voice in difficult situations. In a safe and comfortable environment, we explore ways of tapping into our power. Using the four pillars of communication, we develop a practical base so we can communicate the way we wish and need to."

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