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Is Your Home Ready for a Makeover? 

Are you ready to make some changes to your space but don’t know where to start? Monique, with her unique approach to Interior Design, will show you the steps to create the strongest impact for your money, while Patti, with her expertise in financial planning, will stress the importance of knowing your budget before you commit to a sizable renovation. Whether your project is revamping the exterior to add curb appeal or a full kitchen renovation, their combined expertise will let you embark on your design adventure with confidence and peace of mind.

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Monique Le Ray
Interior Design Expert

"What brings out life within you? Successful design is based on that emotional connection. Does your home still reflect who you are? Can it adjust to current changes? Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed or afraid to make costly mistakes? A fresh perspective is what you need. And as Buddha says, 'What you can imagine, you can create.' My seven-step approach will help you develop your projects, big or small, current or future. You will get clear on how to create a home that resonates with who you are today."


Patti McGuigan 
Financial Planner

"Home makeovers can bring joy and connection to your space, but what happens when you don’t properly budget your costs? You may bring about unintended “makeover stress" which deflates your mood like a ton of bricks. Before you jump into the specifics of a makeover, let's work to understand where the money will come from. 
Investments? Home equity? I can help by illustrating the benefits of your financing options, and offer guidance around how utilizing your investments might alter your retirement cash flow, as well as possible tax consequences."

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