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Ready to Start Your Own Business? 

Businesses started by women over 50 are more likely to be successful. That’s because of what we know and what we have experienced. If you’re ready to launch or want to learn more about starting a business, this is the package for you. Our team of experts will provide a comprehensive overview of the key elements of a successful start-up so you can confidently move forward with your launch.


Angie Gei
Communication Champion

"We all know it takes a lot of energy and discipline to start a new business. We will work on a routine (using breath, voice, body language and speaking skills) that will give you a reliable practice to count on for daily use or when needed. Whether your day needs a warm up or a tune up, these exercises and tips will enable you to consistently move towards your goals."


Patti McGuigan
Financial Planner

"Before making the move from employee to entrepreneur, let's think... Do you have enough cash reserve to live on while it gets off the ground? Will you need to rent space, or will you be able to start smaller from home? Can you finance all the start up costs yourself, or will you need to rely on small business loans? I can help you understand what will be required, ideas on where and how to get the financing, and help in setting up personal cash flow needs in order to alleviate financial stress so you can concentrate on making your new business successful."


Helen Latimer
Transition Coach

“Thinking of starting a new business? Let’s make sure you’re set up for success. In this session, I’ll show you to how kick-start your start up by focusing on three key elements: What, Why and Who. You’ll receive a workbook, tips and resources to help you build a strong foundation for your business.”

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