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How to Thrive & Flourish After 50

Life after 50 can be rich and rewarding but, sometimes there is a transition from where we are now to the life we envision. Whether your desire for change is coming from within or prompted by life’s circumstances, the WE50+ team can help.


With over 145 years of combined work experience (and even more life experience), we bring compassion, empathy, and expertise to support you as you work to find your way.


This discovery package focuses on helping you strengthen the foundations needed for a fulfilling life – the best is yet to come!


Financial clarity, confidence and energy, enjoyment of your space, finding purpose.


Patti McGuigan
Financial Planner

"When a women reaches 50, she is often either making the most money of her career, or slowing down and taking a step back. Either way, women live longer (on average) and need to insure their retirement investments and pensions will last as long as they do. At the same time we want to enjoy and thrive in our lives today. I can help you take stock of your financial situation, help you understand what it means, and how some of the choices you make can increase your confidence and capability in your future financial success."


Angie Gei
Communication Champion

"50, 60, 70 is not what is used to be. We are vital and still have so much to contribute. Whether we are starting a new project, or adapting to new circumstances, confidently presenting ourselves gives us such an advantage. It is a craft that can be practiced. Using tools, tips and exercises in breath, voice, body language and speaking skills, we will build a practice so that we are seen and heard."

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Monique Le Ray
Interior Design Expert

"Discover simple ways to make your life sparkle. Design your home around experiences that feed your soul: spa feeling in a bathroom, slow cooking, candles, scents, music, flowers. Home rituals anchor us and instill a sense of reassurance and comfort. Nourished by your space, you will be ready to experience what the world has for you out there!"


Helen Latimer
Transition Coach

"A life worth living is a life lived with purpose. For me, purpose comes from the work we do, whether that work is paid or unpaid. As we age, there’s often a desire to give back, to make a difference in our communities or even in the world. In this session, I’ll help you take the first steps towards discovering your life’s purpose."

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