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In Our Own Words

We are excited to share these conversations we've had with founding members, community partners, and other professionals we admire. Tune in to learn more about all that Women's Empowerment 50+ has to offer.

Angie Gei sits down with Monique Le Ray to discuss interior design.

Helen Latimer and Patti McGuigan chat about taking stock of your finances and your network.

Helen Latimer welcomes Trish Barbato, President and CEO at Arthritis Society Canada for a brief but informative conversation.

Alongside a focus on speaking skills, with tips for emotionally colouring your words, Angie has created a program that can be offered in experiential workshops and private sessions so that you can practice the tools necessary for dynamic delivery, and be present with presence. Take a look at the Harmonizer Technique, demonstrated here, to get your day started right!


To register for an upcoming event, email us at and we can discuss next steps.

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