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Some Thoughts From Helen...

Work is good for us.

I’m working on my ‘big picture’ vision for my life, looking ahead to the next 10 years and beyond. Work, no surprise to anyone who knows me, is a very big part of this vision. I love making a difference to my clients and to my community through my work. I love having to-do lists, meetings to attend, people counting on me and being part of several groups. All this activity keeps me engaged and happy.

My vision is not completely clear yet but I know in my heart, I’m not done making a difference.

Far from it. I need the connection, the stimulation and the challenges.

Working past the traditional age of retirement is an essential part of aging well and science
backs me up. A recent article in Mind Over Matter (a magazine produced by the
Women’s Brain Health Initiative) quoted Dr. Jo Mhairi Hale of the University of St. Andrews
in Scotland, “postponing retirement is protective against cognitive decline.” Daniel J. Levetin,
in his book Successful Aging is succinct: “the best advice is, don’t stop working.”

Being at this stage of life provides an opportunity to step back and reassess work: what we want it to look like, how do we want to make a difference, how much time do we want to devote to it? This can be an enriching exercise; one I highly recommend if you want to continue with work. If you’re not sure how to begin the process, let’s talk. I can help. No charge!

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