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Your Space Impacts Your Mind

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Monique Le Ray
Interior Design Expert

About Me:

My journey started in Josselin by a beautiful medieval castle in the heart of Brittany, France. Being immersed in amazing architecture from a young age shaped my passion for art and lead me to study Interior Design in Paris. I bring flair, integrity and 40+ years of experience to the table. Combining skill and passion for excellence with intuitive thinking, I help create environments that engage the soul. I strongly believe that an energetic connection exists between self and space and use custom design, lighting, material and colours to positively stimulate and impact quality of life. My greatest joy and pride is to solve design dilemmas, to provide guidance and reassurance along the way and capture the essence and vibrancy of who my clients are.

My Work:

Heading a successful commercial and residential design practice for the last forty years, I am known for having strong problem solving and decision making skills. My work has been featured in different medias over the years: Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, CityTV, HGTV, Feng Shui television among others. 


From a multi-disciplinary firm with a wide range of complex projects, I now exclusively focus energy and passion on high impact consulting, bringing clear expert advice, which involves clients' direct participation.


Design Process:

Interior Design Expert Assessment (IDEA), this unique design service focuses primarily on what you want to activate in your life: wellness, good mood hormones, serenity or the energy of a space bursting with excitement and possibilities. With clear goals come clear outcomes. Spending time upfront, understanding the decisions to make and setting priorities ensure that your project is a success. Spaces have limitations, but small strategic changes can have huge impact. By reviewing pictures and floor plans ahead of a site consultation, I identify design concerns, personal preferences and ensure that I have the pertinent details to offer the best solutions for short and long term goals.

Within a week of us working together, you will receive a clear step by step approach to transforming your space in a meaningful way. From space planning, concept and finishes, custom solutions to suit your individual needs, to colour or furnishing coordination, I provide you with a complete set of sketches, assessment notes, creative and practical recommendations for both quick-hit and long term remedies.

Where possible, I actually implement on the spot improvements. With optional online support, I can follow your progress and answer any questions that come up during the project implementation. My service is based on flat fee design packages, which are cost effective , client-centered and results driven.

For more information visit my website:

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