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Helen's Book Review

I’m a reader, of 30 books this year so far, so when I say a book had a profound effect on me, it’s saying something. Becca Levy’s Breaking the Age Code was just that book.

My coaching practice focuses on women’s empowerment through the lens of work. The more I read and research, the more convinced I become that work, paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, is a significant component of healthy aging. I’m also learning (and experiencing firsthand) the ageism that is rampant here in Canada.


Reading Levy’s book was the catalyst that opened my eyes to just how prevalent ageism is – in advertising and marketing (anti-aging messages), in employment (don’t bring me candidates over 50), and in the fine print of daily living (group insurance policies that stop covering employees once they reach the age of 65). Living in an ageist environment impacts our beliefs about aging and those beliefs in turn impact how well we age. Awareness, Levy outlines, is the first step to ensuring our beliefs serve us.


I like books where there’s a road map to follow so I can act on things I’ve read. From advocacy to exercises, (if you attended our Nov. 2022 workshop, you’ll have tried a couple from the book) Levy’s book provides the tools and the motivation to inspire us to make the changes necessary for us to live longer and have more of those years be in good health. Highly recommend.



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