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Some Thoughts From Angie...

As many of you know my passion is connective communication or how to be present with presence. Below are some strategies and tips you can implement in your own life to strengthen your daily communication.    

Remember deep breathing grounds us, keeps the mind functioning at its best, calms us, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure and heart rate (10 minutes a day of concentrated “belly “breath can make a difference )


An exercise for everyday:

  • Breath in deeply through the nose for a count of 4

  • Hold your breath for a count of 4

  • Whoosh the breath out through your mouth for a count of 6

  • Hold again for a count of 2

  • Repeat 3-5 times to start




                    The emotional colours you attach to your words
                                            make all the difference
                             when communicating and connecting.








                                            “Figure out what you are meant to contribute to the world and make sure you contribute it.
                                              If this requires public speaking or networking or other activities that make you uncomfortable,
                                              do them anyway. But accept that they are difficult, get the training to make them easier and
                                              reward yourself when you are done “- Quiet by Susan Cain



                                  We are never too old to grow and learn … and to reward ourselves for trying something new!



Try some Improv! Why? It develops confidence, improves assertiveness, creativity and problem solving skills, communication skills and poise. A great place for some lessons (for all levels) is at  



         A fabulous book to expand your way of thinking: A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink

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