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Financial Planning for New Opportunities

Patti McGuigan
Certified Financial Planner

About Me:

For more than two decades I have enjoyed working as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP designation). My background was finance/math orientated through university and corporate jobs held early on, so the career switch to personal financial planning was a relatively easy transition for me.


My Clients:  

In the beginning, I hosted Financial Planning 101 type seminars for women and offered female business owners’ lunch-and-learn sessions for their staff. I believe in the philosophy of givers gain. Running these seminars to educate and empower women led to the wonderful clients I have today. My clients are singles or couples, early career stage, mid-stage, in a new stage or retired.


My Work:

I enjoy working with clients who are entering a new phase in their lives. Financial planning evolves throughout one’s life. However, a BIG change in direction can require a reboot. A revised cash flow, updates to the investment mix, timing, and tax considerations are just a few items that may be necessary. I help them reset those plans for success today and into their future.


My Commitment:

For over 20 years I have stayed with the same financial planning company to support my team and my clients. IG Wealth Management has evolved over the years to become even more client-centric while staying true to financial planning ethics and integrity.

My Resources:

My IG Wealth Management page -

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