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Confidently Expressing Yourself

Angie Gei
Communication Champion

Connective Communication

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My Program:
Whether we need to express our ideas, share our stories, or advocate for ourselves in times of transition, the skills and techniques are similar. Confident communication is a craft that can be learned and practiced. My program uses practical exercises and techniques in breath, voice, and body language. We'll focus on speaking skills with tips for emotionally colouring your words, safely, for optimal connections with others. In experiential workshops and private sessions, we will practice and discuss the tools necessary for dynamic delivery skills so we can be present with presence.

About Me:
I’m fascinated by the way we connect and communicate. This passion led me to pursue a degree in Psychology from Western University and then to attend theatre school at Ryerson University. My acting work has taken me to many theatres across the country, and I appeared in film and television. I experienced stage fright many times and learned techniques to 'hang my fears on'. Now I can perform and communicate the way I want to when I need to. Many amazing teachers and mentors have guided me in this process. Now I look forward to passing these skills on to others.

Being self-employed has allowed me to build this business and continue acting. Selected theatre works include Sense and Sensibility, Tally’s Folly, The Woods, and The Glass Menagerie. Selected Film and television credits include Mrs. America, People of Earth, The News Room, and Expecting. I also regularly research and upgrade my skills to benefit and customize sessions for my clients.

In my spare time, I volunteer at Gilda's Club and other organizations where I lead workshops in confidently advocating for yourself and your loved ones. One of my most treasured moments was being honoured on International Women’s Day and receiving a Canadian Flag for my service to the community.

My Resources:
Please visit for testimonials from clients and more information about my program.

I look forward to meeting you!

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